The restaurants in New Jersey are in many ways comparable to the restaurants in New York–their ethnic diversity, the quality of the food, the quality of the service, and the culinary expertise of some of the finest chefs.


Garlic Rose Bistro, Cranford

To be able to cook well with garlic without overpowering the dish is an art in itself. The Garlic Rose Bistro has mastered this culinary skill and the food is fantastic.

Cervantes of Spain

Cervantes of Spain, in Cranford New Jersey, offers the most authentic Spanish cuisine and feeling of Spain, guaranteed to make your dining experience a great one. Regardless of whether you come for a special meal or just some tapas, your experience will be delightful.

Molly Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Comfort food, that’s what is served at Molly Maguire’s and plenty of it. Most everything is delicious from the soda bread to the corned beef and cabbage.

Il Giordano Restaurant and Pizzeria

Italian food and pizza made with the freshest ingredients available. Real homemade Italian food from the classic recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Restaurants da Benito, Union

New York Times… da Benito is excellent.

Mojave Grill, Westfield

Mojave Grille is a BYOB restaurant that features southwestern cooking under the direction of Chef Edward Mackenzie. The lively menu with its piquant combinations of spices and chili-based sauces provides for a pleasant change of cuisine not extensively found in New Jersey.

Northside Trattoria, Westfield

Contemporary Italian restaurant located in downtown Westfield using the finest ingredients available, combining classically based foods with the latest new products in today’s market.

La Spezia Restaurant

Enjoy Fine Italian Cuisine in an Elegant Casual Atmosphere Chef de Cuisine Ed Sotto, formerly of Giordano’s Trattoria, Fairfield, NJ. The name “La Spezia” comes from a town in Northern Italy which sits on the Mediterranean Riviera. La Spezia is known for the rolling green hilly slopes where grapes and olives were grown. This region of Italy is known for the traditional recipes passed by word of month from one generation to the next to utilize fresh herbs and flavors of the basis ingredients

Adagio Taverna e Ristorante

Adagio is located in Summit, New Jersey, situated in the century-old historic Roots Building, and lovingly restored to its original glory with four dramatic and distinct dining rooms. The Taverna is warm and welcoming, perfect for casual dining with its Cherub-topped columns, leather banquettes, and original terrazzo floor. Chef, Joe Cetrulo, has trained in the finest restaurants in New York and Italy and offers to you New Italian Cuisine utilizing traditional recipes in a fresh, modern style.

Stage House Restaurant and Wine Bar, Scotch Plains

Our commitment is to use only the best quality ingredients and treat each with the utmost respect.

If you just want to go around the corner to find a good restaurant, or make a night of it and go into Manhattan, there is no lack of good food of every variety to fit everyone’s pocketbook.


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Q   What holds the title as the tallest reinforced concrete building in the U.S.?
A   311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago was completed in 1990 and is 65 stories high.