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I always ask my clients to write or email me, and tell me truthfully how they appreciated my service to them. Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about me…

Absolutely amazing
Never have I had such a great experioence in pruchasing a nhome as I did with Susan she is amazing and found the right home for me and my family

Gruters of Westfield
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As a seller It seemed a daunting task to sell
my home but Susan provided me with the utmost professional markeing plan, paid attention to details I was so very impressed & very successful sale

Doreen and Dan Aiken Sout Carolina
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Coming Soon

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Definitely need Susan
for all your Real Estate needs she is the one to go to

Furst, New Jersey
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Susan started as a realtor
turned into my dearest friend, she helped me sell and buy my homes and I would never choose anyone else

Sylvia, Cranford
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Susan was amazing!

Gruters, Westfield
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