The beaches along the New Jersey coastline are some of the most beautiful and diverse beaches in the world. There is Atlantic City with almost every form of entertainment conceivable, and then there is Bay Head where the offering of quiet solitude is the entertainment of choice. The choices in between are many and most are wonderful places to vacation or live close to.

Shore Beaches

Atlantic City, NJ

The place to go for everything happening on the shore, the casinos, the shows, the fine restaurants, golf and much more, and of course the boardwalk, with several different piers and the ocean combine to make it one of the most exciting destinations on the east coast.

Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park shoreline is being redeveloped into a housing, retail, and entertainment showcase at this moment. The plan is to reclaim its status as the “Jewel of the Jersey Shore.”

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Let the sun cloak your body in warmth. Relax and feel the magic of the Greater Point Pleasant Area! Those seeking seaside recreation have a convenient, clean white beach where children build sandcastles along the breakers while their parents bask in the sunshine and cool salt-air breezes.

Bay Head, NJ

The timeless beauty of this small country village by the sea is both elegant and casual, creating a mystique that has endured for generations. Since the late 1800’s Bay Head has been the favorite vacation place for those who enjoy a certain kind of quiet, a relaxing yet friendly way of life, and a safe haven in which to pursue both land and sea activities.

The Wildwoods, NJ

Famous for its free, wide, white, sandy beaches and world class boardwalk, The Wildwoods has been the number one fun-filled family vacation destination for many generations. Wildwood beaches are the widest on the Jersey Shore. Each day all summer long, tens of thousands of vacationers come to the Wildwood beaches to enjoy the sparkling clean water and clean white sand.

Keansburg Beach, NJ

Keansburg’s main attraction is the amusement park on Beachway Road and features a new water park. The Midway area provides wheels of chance, arcades, and great boardwalk food.

Avon by the Sea, NJ

Avon-by-the-Sea has much to offer vacationers and day visitors. It is an all season Victorian beach resort. Avon’s clean, white sandy beaches are a great place to relax, swim and bask in the summer sun. Our fine restaurants and quaint shops will round out your “day at the beach.

Avalon, NJ

Escape to the Jersey Cape. Situated at the northern end of the “Seven Mile Beach Island.” Avalon extends eastward one mile further into the ocean than its neighboring resorts and has given itself the motto “Cooler by a Mile.” Beach and water activities highlight the daytime pleasures. This beachfront community is dotted with distinctive homes and beach cottages.

Ocean City, NJ

Seven miles of beautiful sandy beach, a 2.5 mile boardwalk with shops, restaurants, an amusement park, and 200 holes of miniature golf. There are also special events such as music concerts and baby parades.

Beach Haven, NJ

Beach Haven, located on Long Beach Island south of the Manahawkin Bay Bridge, is the busiest beach town on the island during the summer. This community is a bustling tourist center with many fine hotels, motels, and Bed and Breakfasts, and has the islands only amusement area, along with many restaurants, nightclubs and fine beaches. The town also boasts a historical district with many Victorian seaside houses on streets such as Atlantic, South Atlantic, Beach, North Beach and Engleside, Amber, Centre, Coral, Pearl, Second and Third streets.

Jones Beach State Park, LI

Jones Beach State Park’s top attraction has always been swimming. The park offers fine surf bathing along 6.5 miles of ocean beach, one-half mile of bay beach for stillwater bathing, and two swimming pools. The west end of the park provides wonderful surf fishing, a boat basin, and undeveloped areas that are home to a variety of migratory birds.

Robert Moses State Park, LI

Five miles of beautiful beach and ocean. With boat access on the north side of Fire Island there are picnic grounds and a concession stand with delicious Manhattan clam chowder.

The Beaches along the Jersey shore are really a tribute to the people that live in New Jersey. Most families take a summer (or winter) vacation somewhere along the coast. Usually a favorite spot has even been passed down a couple of generations. The Atlantic Ocean is much more amenable to swimming and is of course warmer then the Pacific. This makes it a perfect playground for the hardworking residents.


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