Real Estate Trivia

Q What are three of the best indicators of real estate market trends?

A Existing home sales, new home building and mortgage interest rates.

Q What are the characteristics of classic Queen Anne architecture?

A Queen Anne homes are the most elaborate, romantic and feminine of all Victorian Homes.

Q What kind of home construction is considered to be the safest in seismic areas?

A Straw-bale homes in seismic zones have proven resilient enough to withstand the shock of earthquakes.

Q Which estate has two pools–one on the east side for the morning sun and one on the west for afternoon enjoyment?

A The former estate of John Lennon in Palm Beach has two pools plus guest quarters.

Q What holds the title as the tallest reinforced concrete building in the U.S.?

A 311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago was completed in 1990 and is 65 stories high.