Real Estate Trivia

Q What building has been named the 21st Century Townhouse project?

A 4 townhouse in Bowie, MD made of giant foam/board panels, concrete/styrofoam block frames, steel, and aerated concrete.

Q Which metropolitan area in America currently offers the most affordable market in which to buy new homes?

A The housing market in Youngstown, Warren and Boardman, Ohio is currently the most affordable metro area in the U.S.

Q What real estate term was first used in the 19th century and means “a high-flying flag on a ship”?

A Skyscraper was first used in the 1880s when office buildings of 10 stories or more were built in Chicago and New York.

Q What was the world’s highest viewing platform before the opening of the Empire State Building in 1939?

A The Eiffel Tower, built between 1887-1889, was for 42 years the highest viewing platform in a man-made structure.

Q During what months of the year do most people move from one home to another?

A Most moves occur between the months of May and September.