Real Estate Trivia

Q What is the largest city square in the world?

A Located in Beijing, China, Tianamen Square, called the “Gate of Heavenly Peace”, covers 98 acres.

Q What famous American building was originally built in 1792, burned and rebuilt 1814-1818 and restored in 1952?

A The White House in Washington, D.C., modeled after an Irish palace, is a sumptuous example of post-colonial architecture.

Q In what area of the United States did the price of existing homes increase most dramatically in 2005?

A Phoenix, Arizona real estate recorded a 55.2 percent increase in home prices during 2005.

Q What is considered one of the few remaining tax shelters in the 1990s?

A Homeownership–property taxes on a residence or vacation home are deductible up to $1 million.

Q What city boasts eight of the world’s ten biggest hotels?

A Las Vegas has eight of the largest resort hotels; the latest and most extravagant is the $2.7 billion, 2,716-room Wynn Las Vegas.