About the Westfield, Scotch Plains and Cranford Real Estate Market

Being one of Union County’s prime locations, Westfield is the icing on the cake. Great shopping, good schools, wonderful restaurants, and beautiful homes are all the features that make Westfield such a favorable place to raise a family and enjoy yourself. Westfield’s mature tree-lined streets make it a very pleasant and charming community.

Westfield has a population close to 35,000 and there are approximately 12,000 housing units. The average value of a home in Westfield is $382,000. Westfield’s schools are ranked amongst the highest in the State of New Jersey, and are a big draw for the community. Also, to make living, shopping, and working a little easier, Westfield has a train that provides a quick commute to NYC that takes roughly 40 minutes.

Scotch Plains has excellent schools and is close to Westfield, which offers shopping and dining. The town of Scotch Plains is essentially a residential community. Scotch Plains is several friendly, family neighborhoods put together. On the South side of Scotch Plains are elegant homes that make you think of the country lifestyle. The North side has quaint homes on smaller properties, with a more suburban feel. In the 2000 census, it was recorded that Scotch Plains had a population near 19,500 with close to 7,500 housing units. The average house value is approximately $300,000.

In the town of Cranford features good schools, beautiful scenery, good shopping and dining opportunities, and the feeling of a close community. The population of Cranford as of the 2000 census was around 23,000 with about 8,500 housing units. The average house value is approximately $260,000.


Time to Move >Remodel Or Move

At some point your present home may begin to feel cramped. You would like enough room to have an “adult haven”, but you must weigh the price of a larger home over against the prospect of living with contractors and plaster dust for a long time. Is it better to remodel or to look for a new home?

Before you decide on a major home improvement project, talk with a real estate agent who knows your neighborhood. Will the changes you have in mind over-improve your home, making it difficult to re-sell? Will you be able to recover the cost of your investment? Find out how much your present home is currently worth, and how much home equity you have. You may be able to make a substantial down payment that lowers your mortgage payments on a larger home. It may be worth making a move to avoid the stress and inconvenience of remodeling, if you can find a new home with all the features you would like to add to your present home.


Q What is currently the most sought-after amenity in the majority of upscale homes?

A Technology that “enables” a home with features such as structured integrated wiring and broadband Internet access is the current amenity of choice.