Quitclaim Deed

Homeowners who are selling property they purchased many years ago are sometimes dismayed to discover that a lien must be paid on their house. The lien can be the result of work done by a contractor that was never recorded as “paid in full.” To challenge such a lien, the buyer can release it by posting a bond pending adjudication. In other cases, a title search may disclose claims against the property by an ex-spouse, past heir, or a former owner. A simple quitclaim deed may be used in such a case. A quitclaim deed allows the person involved to sign over whatever rights he or she may have had in the property without laying any claim to it.

If the seller will not be receiving the proceeds from the sale of their present home in time to close on a new home, it may be possible to arrange a swing loan. Most real estate transactions involve some hesitation and questions on the part of the seller and the buyer. The real estate agent can help to bring the property sale to a successful conclusion by providing solutions that satisfy all parties and resolve any outstanding issues.