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Selling Your Home >Keeping Your House Safe

Home safety precautions are always important, but it is especially important to make your home “accident-proof” while it is on the market. Many strangers will be coming through your home who won’t be aware of the minor hazards that you and your family instinctively avoid.

Go through your home with an eye for potential hazards. Remove the obstacles that you can and post “watch your head” or “watch your step” signs where they are needed. Look for loose banisters, uneven steps, precariously placed plants, art objects or anything else that could fall on someone, wet spots on bath or kitchen floors, toys that someone might fall over and anything that you have to step over or duck under. Make sure that rugs will not slip, especially those at the bottom of stairs. There aren’t many things that will more quickly dampen a buyer’s enthusiasm for a house than a bump on the head or an unexpected trip down a flight of stairs.

Real Estate Trivia

Q What city boasts eight of the world’s ten biggest hotels?

A Las Vegas has eight of the largest resort hotels; the latest and most extravagant is the $2.7 billion, 2,716-room Wynn Las Vegas.