Getting Organized

Looking at homes can become overwhelming for many prospective buyers. The properties start to run together, and you have trouble remembering which homes you liked a lot and which ones you didn’t. Real estate agents use a few tricks that can help you remember what you have seen.

Usually the real estate agent will give you a copy of the listing with all the pertinent information. Write down one distinctive feature on the listing sheet that will help you remember the house. Maybe the house had unusual moldings in the dining room, a red door, or unusual wallpaper. If the house was particularly interesting to you, put a big star on the top of the page to remind yourself that you would like to see it again or even perhaps make an offer. If there are features for which you have a strong preference, or if you eliminate a house from consideration for any reason, be sure to tell the agent why.

Communication between you and the real estate agent is key. This will save you a lot of time and effort in your search because the agent will show you only the homes that meet your particular needs.