Exciting New Options

As the Baby Boomers of the 1950’s send their children off to college, they join the segment of the housing market called “empty nesters”. At this point they no longer need six bedrooms and three baths, a family room and a gigantic yard. Many “empty nesters” are trading in the family home for something that is smaller, easier to maintain and has the amenities that allow a more carefree lifestyle.

Start out by consulting a good real estate agent whom you like and trust. There are many exciting housing options for those who are downsizing. If you are under age fifty-five and are buying a home that is less expensive than your present one, there will probably be capital gains tax considerations to take into account. If you are moving downtown from the suburbs in order to be close to cultural centers, theaters and restaurants, there may be “quality of life” issues, such as noise or parking. Your real estate agent can help you find the a home that has all the conveniences and amenities you desire.