Children and Moves

When you decide it is time to move, it is important to engage your children in the process. Depending on the reason for the move and the distance, moving can cause some concerns for children that parents may not be aware of right away. Moving often means going to a new school, leaving favorite playmates, and experiencing a lot of uncertainty about what the new neighborhood will be like.

The transition will be a lot easier if your children support your efforts to get your current home sold. How can you get them involved in the process? Include the whole family in discussions about the move and invite the children to participate in house-hunting trips. Ask for the children’s cooperation in keeping their toys and clothes picked up. Teenagers may be especially touchy about strangers invading their space, and may resist keeping their room in “showing” condition. Stay communicative with your children about developments in the home sale to help them feel connected to the process.

Work with a real estate agent who is comfortable with children and can remain sensitive to your children’s needs and concerns. When the house sells, take the whole family out to celebrate the event.